Rabu, 14 Agustus 2013


Thanks Allah for 25th years You gave to my life. Thank for Mom, Dad, a brother, a sister, who I met to be my family. We are not a perfect family, but they are the best peoples that You sent to my life. Thanks for the teachers, all friends, and especially some of bestfriends who tell the truth to make me becoming a better person. Thanks also to all problems You gave to me, all of those make me stonger and find some new experiences. Sorry, if I have some bad habit in the past, like angry to all thing happened in my life, angry to other people that they love me so much, and did something hurt my self. I know it make You angry to my self, but You always give and give again some happiness thing in my life. When I felt lonely, You show me that I am not really lonely. There are always families, bestfriends, teachers, and some new peoples in my life, whom cares about my life and also my future, without thinking about my bad personal in the past. Now, I know, all things happened in my life, happiness or sadness, is all the best things You gave to me. Only You, just You, Allah. The best Creator and Director for human's life. I will do it, I will try it, and I will walk with Your guides.

Alhamdulillah wa Syukrulillah 'ala Kulli Ni'mah :)...

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