Minggu, 24 November 2013

Thank's God, It Was 3 Months!

Can not believe it. It was 3 months. Yeah! 3 months my status changed from single to married by a man. A man who never I thought before. A man who I met just about 3 months before our wedding, and our first meeting was no one starting our direct (verbal) introducing each other. Maybe it just called 'Shy-shy cat', or in Bahasa Indonesia the meaning is 'malu-malu kucing.' *I do not know, why an adjective of 'Shy' was analoged by a cat?

Many people around us, are shocked when received the invitation. Most of them are my school friend. Why? Because I never have a relationship with a boyfriend since elementary school until 24 years old (before engagement). And also, I was a really nerd girls with a spectacles in my face, so shy to speak with other people, and they never hear about my boyfriend before. Indonesian people called 'Jomblo', to a person who does not have a relationship with girlfriend or boyfriend. Yeah! Thank's God, I am still 'Jomblo' before my wedding.

But in the reality make me think about something, that was a fact. Now, I am not just a daughter of my parent or just a sister of a brother and a sister in my family. Now, I also a wife from a man, his name is Mr. Moh. Abdul Hakim, and his mom also become my mom too, I called her 'Ibuk', and all of his siblings are mine too. And now I have so big family.

Happy 3 months wedding day, wish Allah make us stonger to face every problems, make us always happy in this life and afterlife/eternity. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil 'Aalamiin.

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