Minggu, 27 Januari 2013

A Little Bit Of Confession

So sorry to have this feeling, and can not delete it. But I’ll keep this feeling just in my heart, and maybe never tell you, except if you tell the same feeling first.

Wish you’ll be happy and reach your dreams in this life.

If God doesn’t makes us meet again,  it doesn’t matter. But can I keep praying for you? 

Some people says that we must tell someone, if we love him/her.  But the other says, a woman doesn’t  tell their feeling first. 

Maybe  I am just a woman who choose the second perception. 

Someday I talk to my self, that I must tell you about this feeling before I die. 

But I don’t brave even just to think when, where, and how the way to tell you. 

Only God will send this feeling to you, and never send back your feeling to me, if He doesn’t agree you’re be mine in this life.

Thank you.

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