Selasa, 01 Januari 2013



It is just four letters, but it can make my life changed.
It just a word, but it is not just had one meaning.
It came suddenly, and also can leave me even when I haven't the preparation for it.
Is it something they call "LOVE"?

Some people said that I am looking like another person.
Some people knew there are something happened in my life.
Some people guessed whom make me seem nervous in some situation.
Some people asked me, "Do you falling in love with him? Why?"
I still don't know the reason, but this feeling still stay alive here.

Can I kill this feeling?
Can I forget to all these memories?
I know it has been too long (some people said that is abnormal), but why it so difficult for me?
Should I tell you or just keep it silent?

First day on 2013
Nila Amalia

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